European Organics Facial Treatment


Our rejuvenating facial helps restore moisture and life to dry skin and brighten the complexion.  You'll experience a classic, customized facial treatment  including a deep cleanse with skin toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, face and décolletage massage, a hydrating or pore cleansing mask suited to your skin type, creams and moisturizers to hydrate skin- leaving your skin feeling completely revitalized and brightened.

50 Min  $110 

Deep cleansing Organics Facial Treatment


This customized facial treatment will help restore a healthy balance to dull or congested skin. It includes a deep cleanse with skin toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, face and décolletage massage, a hydrating or pore cleansing mask catered to your skin type, skin hydration using creams and moisturizers- leaving you with glowing and radiant skin!

60 Min  $130 

Signature Organics Facial Treatme


Our signature facial treatment begins with an in-depth skincare consultation and assessment of your skins needs and concerns. After completing your consultation we start with exfoliation treatment followed by anti-aging Facial Treatment. An anti-aging facial like no other, this skin revitalization treatment includes a skin preparation of cleansing, exfoliation, activation and inhibition, followed by the application of a highly concentrated phial of cellular material that is massaged in using the most elite of skincare creams. An occlusive mask finishes the treatment to ensure revitalization has taken place. You will see visible results in skin texture, tone and hydration.

90 Min $180 

Men’s Facial


This specialized facial is customized for a gentleman’s specific skin needs. The skin is cleansed to remove topical buildup. Followed by an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and encourage cell turnover. Steam will be used to help release dirt and oils from deep within the follicles. Extractions of blackheads or white heads will be performed to help improve the appearance of the skin.

40 Min $75

Youth Facial


An educational facial… Start teens with a good skin care regime that they will continue into adulthood! It’s time to welcome in clear skin! Must be 17 yrs old or younger. A parent must be on premise and provide consent for a teen facial service.

30 Min  $50

Enzyme Facial


The peel polishes the skin, brightens the complexion and helps promote skin renewal. This is a very effective physical exfoliator that helps purify and regenerate the skin using fruit enzymes, lactic acid and glycolic acid. It is recommended as an anti-wrinkle and anti-blemish treatment.

40 Min $85