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Sanitas Retinol Peeling Cream 0.5 oz Vitamin A Treatment

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Level III Vitamin A Treatment

A professional strength peeling cream that helps increase skin renewal to reveal healthy, vibrant skin. Helps combat premature signs of aging and helps address problematic skin.

Retinol Peeling Cream

a level III vitamin A treatment

promotes skin renewal, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases skin luminosity

Botanical hydration complex
an optimized lipid blend that fortifies the skin barrier to maintain skin hydration and counteract irritation

a reparative blend of skin identical lipids that helps support the skin’s barrier system to help retain moisture


Apply sparingly. Carefully avoid the eye area. Limit initial use to once every two weeks. As skin becomes more tolerant, gradually increase to once per week. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying moisturizer. Use only at night. Dry, flaking skin and redness are expected and may occur. Warning: this product is very active. Results may be delayed. Do not reapply. Must be used with a sunscreen.

SKIN TYPE :  Combo /  Normal / Combo /  Oily 

Call for Price 1-856-278-3694


Call for Price 1-856-278-3694