NEW TO SHEET MASKS? Here’s What You’ve Been Missing

New To Sheet Masks?

Surely by now you have seen at least one photo tweeted by a celebrity wearing a facial sheet mask.

Or you have noticed that no matter what beauty site or magazine you’re reading these days, there’s a story about sheet masks.

What’s all the fuss? Why have sheet masks become so popular?

At Bel Mondo, we are a little biased. We think that there are many great reasons for you to incorporate these weekly beauty aids into your lifestyle. Here are our top five:

Instant Gratification

Sheet masks nourish and rejuvenate skin quickly. Bel Mondo’s masks produce spa-quality, radiant complexions in 15-20 minutes.

Easy Peasy Application

Sheet mask fabrics are pre-cut and infused with skin care serums. Open the foil packet. Apply the mask. Relax. The path to softer, smoother skin couldn’t be any easier.

There’s a Sheet Mask for That

Want to replenish moisture? Calm irritated skin? Help fade dark spots? Make fine lines less noticeable? The serums in our facial masks are formulated to address very specific skin care concerns. Simply target the condition you want to improve.


Taking the time to use a sheet mask slows down your world and helps melt away stress. You’ll enjoy healthier skin and a healthier state-of-mind, like you just left a pampering session at your favorite spa.

Trusty Travel Companions

Sheet masks are packaged in ultra-thin, sterile packets – perfect for packing on business trips and vacations. They make it incredibly easy to get a beauty boost whenever and wherever you need one.


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Call for Price 1-856-278-3694