Ombre Eyebrows


The main benefits of the Ombre eyebrows

The main benefits of the Ombre (Organic pigment) eyebrows


Among all tattoo procedures, powder is the most popular, because you can achieve the main goal – a natural and beautiful look of the eyebrows. Its main secret is the use of the paint as a “background”, which fills the gaps between the hairs or hair missing area. So, you can create a beautiful shape, rich color that can last for about a year (sometimes the effect can persist for 2-3 years)




What are the advantages of this technique? First of all, it is:


  1. painlessness, because the needle does not go deep under the skin;
  2. duration;
  3. the speed of the procedure (approximately 2 hours;
  4. Health safe (if only the sanitation is compiled);
  5. Fast skin recovery after the procedure. Many girls compare feathering with a hair method, trying to understand which eyebrow permanent makeup is better. However, such an approach is incorrect, since these methods are different for different types of eyebrows. Hair method is perfect for adding a little volume and brightness to the eyebrow hair, while they have a good natural shape, shading is optimal where there is practically no hair.




  • The first step. There should be a consultation, in which a master will show you his tools, pigments and tell you about the main features of the procedure and after procedure skin care. If this does not happen, do not hesitate to ask questions, this is primarily your business.
  • Then both you and a master should proceed to the best eyebrow type and shape selection. Artist will draw eyebrows with a pencil first
  • All hairs that don’t get into the sketch are deleted.
  • Now it’s time to apply anesthetic. While it starts working, the eyebrow master usually manages to prepare the coloring compositions and prepare the necessary tools. Both the paint and the needles should be opened right in front of you, so you can make sure it’s new/sterile.
  • The process of drawing will take approximately 1.5-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Procedure is painless
  • Aftercare/healing process is easy


In most cases, the feathering is painless, the pigment gets into a depth of less than 0.5 mm.




Eyebrow care after feathering

First three days pigment looks darker 30-50%, then it fades.

In a few days you will have a crust/flakes. On the second or third day you can get a tight skin feeling, and itchiness, accompanied by a sharp desire to rip off the crust. Don’t do it! First, you can get scars, secondly, so you can remove the dye layer. So the only right way is to use nourishing and healing creams.


In a week your eyebrows will get a beautiful shape and natural look. In 4-6 weeks you will need a touchup, because in the healing process, some areas can lose a pigment. A little touchup and a color correction can be done 4-5 weeks after the first procedure.



The procedure takes about 90-120 minutes and cost is $450.00

We are using only Organic pigment. 


Call for Price 1-856-278-3694


Call for Price 1-856-278-3694