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The BodEx: Body Exfoliation Device Bodex

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We are happy to introduce the BodEx as an initial release to licensed skin care professionals! There is currently a limited supply of BodEx devices. Limit of 2 per skin care professional.


The BodEx is an innovative home device available for skin care professionals to retail to their clients. Your clients can purchase this at-home device from you to exfoliate and brighten the skin below the neck. It also refreshes the appearance of tattoos. In just minutes, this rechargeable handheld device works to exfoliate the skin’s surface. It’s safe, quick and painless.


BodEx is not to be used on the face or as a professional microdermabrasion service.



Take it Off

Exfoliating regularly and lathering up your skin with lotions and body butters cannot do what the BodEx will do for your skin. The diamond-coated brightening head removes rough, hard, opaque skin. Take it off [exfoliated skin]!



Exfoliate the skin below the neck:

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Safe to use on fully healed tattoos (3 years or older)


It works

The BodEx process safely and painlessly removes the top layer of dead skin and allows new, rejuvenated skin to grow and take its place. Exfoliation is complete in a matter of minutes. This is done with the hand piece and its diamond-coated tip head.


The process will exfoliate the top layer of dead skin (the Stratum Corneum), which is then vacuumed off to reveal brighter, smoother skin. The exfoliated skin is collected on a small filter which may need to be replaced several times during an exfoliation session, depending on the skin's condition and the size of the area being exfoliated. 


This process has been clinically proven to be a reparative tissue process at the dermal and epidermal levels. ​ After the layer of dead skin is removed, we recommend applying serums or moisturizers to the skin.


The body is conditioned to regrow the removed skin tissue with younger, rejuvenated skin. Best of all, this process will continue in the days and weeks to come.


What's Included?

1 BodEx Handheld Device

1 Small Head

1 Medium Head

25 Filters

1 Brush

1 Tweezers

1 Device Charger

+ Bonus Gifts with purchase: LRS Skin Recovery Serum sample pack and NeoGenesis Body Cream, 5ml


        Call for Price 1-856-278-3694


        Call for Price 1-856-278-3694