Prana SpaCeuticals Pumpkin Scrub 6oz

Prana SpaCeuticals Pumpkin Scrub 6oz

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Pumpkin Polish is a superior dermal polishing exfoliant that contains a combination of chemical & physical resurfacing agents. Crushed Bamboo and papain enzymes help slough dead skin cells while Lactic Acid helps brighten and hydrate the healthy skin. Perfect for sensitive & problematic skin types.

Conditions & Recommendations

• Delays wrinkle formation and conceals stretch marks

• Brings out skin’s natural healthy glow

• Moisturizes and repairs

• Beneficial for smokers and sun lovers

• Great for dry, sensitive skin, problematic skin, and those with fair skin

• Use post-microdermabrasion treatments to digest any attached skin

• Superior product in preparation for peels



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