Prana SpaCeuticals Teenage Acne BanAcne Cleanser European Beauty by B

Prana SpaCeuticals Teenage Acne BanAcne Cleanser 3.4oz

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The foundation of healthy skincare rituals begins with cleansing. Keeping your skin clean is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and reducing breakouts. A complexion-renewing blend of banana oils, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps nourish and calm inflammation associated with sensitive skin conditions, including dryness and irritation.

Conditions & Recommendations

• Recommended for AM/PM usage

• Revitalizes complexion

• Helps cellular stimulation

• Releases trapped oil

• Gently washes away daily build-up

• Elimates embedded make-up residue

• Balances sebum production

• Helps to digest the dead skin that accumulates around hair follicule


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