Skinbolic Magic Potion  45ml X 2

Skinbolic Magic Potion 45ml X 2

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Skinbolic Magic Potion 45ml X 2

 Product Features :
- PPC extracted from bee venom (enzyme hydrolyzing fat):
It penetrates deeply into the skin, effectively decomposes subcutaneous fat as well as visceral fat and cellulite,
The natural appetite suppressant, Saffron flower extract, minimizes the need for maintenance.
- Natural extracts remove congestion and pain, increase blood temperature, improve blood circulation.
- Blood circulation: Saffron flower extract, frankincense, myrrh
- Deep heat enhancement: bee venom, lyso, angelica
- cellulite decomposition and congestion removal: myrrh, frankincense, mulberry tree extract
- Prevention of skin peroxidation and strengthening of immunity: myrrh, mulberry tree extract, Angelica
- Minimizing yo-yo effect: Myrrh, Saffron flower extract


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