Skinbolic Skin Cell-Olive Real Cream Pro 150ml

Skinbolic Skin Cell-Olive Real Cream Pro 150ml

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Skinbolic Firming Collagen Gel 150ml

How to use: After moisturizer for extremely dry skin, or as a moisturizer. 
can be used in treatment room as finishing mask for Acne-prone skin 
After various special care, use facial brush to apply as mask. leave it on the skin for 15min then massage them in. recommended to use 4 layers when using as a mask.



Product Features :
- Provide nutrients to dry and rough skin, helps with skin texture and hydrates skin, controls oil.
- For All skin type, Acne safe 
Recommended for dull and uneven skin tone and mature skin with dry skin. 
- Snail Extract, Lecithin, Galactomisses, Adenosine: proven anti-wrinkle benefits due to its ability to energize skin's surface so it looks smoother and younger


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